Friday, January 11, 2013

Dorcas in Nigeria

Please read yesterday's post marking 10 consecutive years on the road.

During our trip to Nigeria in 2009 Bro. Shobanke invited us to preach a Gospel Crusade next to his church in Abeokuta. One night I gave the altar call and a young lady literally drug herself from her seat to the altar. By the time she made it to the altar I was down on my hands and knees to meet her. My heart was bursting and tears were flowing as she worked so hard to make her way to Christ.

Dorcas gave her heart to God that night and He gloriously saved her. That night was one of the highlights of the year in 2009. I know the many things that Odie struggles with in a nation that is so accessible for a handicapped person as the USA is. So many things are made easier for her yet life is still very difficult for Odie. I can not even imagine all of the obstacles that Dorcas must overcome every day in Nigeria. No ramps, no lifts, no bars to grab and not even very many smooth places that are accessible to a wheel chair.

But the message of the Gospel touched her heart that night and from 50-60 feet away Dorcas drug her body to the altar seeking for Jesus! Wow! It gets me right in the chest and my tears begin to fall writing about it over 3 years later. It was an emotional experience that I will probably never forget. Praise God for reaching out to Dorcas and praise God that she responded.

It was with great joy that we discovered on our recent trip that Dorcas is still serving the Lord. She is living on the church grounds and serves the Lord and His people in what ever way she can. We visited with her during our stay and one day during the minister's conference we took some pictures and recorded a little video for Odie.

Please pray for Dorcas. I am sure she faces challenges every day that would stop many of us in our tracks. I know she needs the strength of God. Praise God for saving and keeping this beautiful young lady.


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