Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bond, KY - Campmeeting in Pictures

Bond Campmeeting was awesome! Odie has a report with all of the preaching and some more pictures. Hopefully she will post that later.

Until she does, I hope you enjoy these pictures from Bond.




  1. It was so good to see ya'll!!

  2. I need your prayers for my wife and family . She is sick as am I. Pray for our souls as well for we have left Him. I need the prayers of the saints as I once knew them(for many years I haven't even went near a church-for fear of a Holy and Just God.) We need the Elders of the churches to lift us up in prayer.
    Sorry to bother you but we are pitiful finite creatures in need of His Help.
    P.s. pay for Bill Houston and h
    is family.


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