Monday, October 8, 2012

Morgan Family Visit in Kentucky

My Gran and Papaw Morgan came to Bond Friday night and surprised me for my birthday that is coming up pretty quickly. They brought my cousins Courtney and Kayla to see me too. It was great to see them all. I stayed in London in the motel with them Friday night and then we met Dad and Mom at Cracker Barrel for breakfast Saturday morning.

Gran and Papaw had never been to Bond so it was neat to be able to introduce them to some of our friends that I have known all of my life. The first time we went to Bond I was two years old so I literally grew up going to Bond Campmeeting and church. Our friends treated our family so good just like they do everybody that comes through.

Since we are not in Ohio very often it is very special when our family makes a special effort to come and see us. I know they are all busy with their work and lives and I appreciate them loving us enough to come. It was a great birthday present for me.


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  1. Hi, Odie! You don't really know me, but I remember you from Shady springs youth camp when you were just a little girl. I was probably 12. Anyway, I try to read ya'lls blog when I can. I was at Bond Friday night and seen your family come in. I was racking my brain trying to place them because they looked so familiar. Then I seen ya'll go back to them and it dawned on me. I had recognized them from your blog. Ha ha. I could see pure joy on everyone's faces. That was very sweet.


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