Thursday, October 18, 2012

Nigerian Minister's Conference Flyer

Bro. Shobanke sent the flyer for the Minister's Conference today. It is another reminder that our Nigeria trip is fast approaching.

We have two revivals in Oklahoma, two revivals in Texas and one revival in Arizona and then we will be on our way to Nigeria. When I consider how quickly these Sunday- Friday revivals fly by I realize I need to get cranking. We will be in Africa before you know it.

Long time readers of our Mile Markers may remember that I was excited about Nigeria in 2007 by the prospect of preaching to the lost in the outdoor Gospel Crusades. I love preaching Christ to those that need him so desperately.

The Gospel Crusades are still a big attraction for me and I am sure that we will see many come to Christ in those Crusade and revival meetings. The Tent Revivals the last two summers have intensified my hunger for souls more than ever.

But my heart was captured in 2007 by the preachers as the Holy Ghost fell the first day of the Minister's Conference. I realized at that moment that God had given me an opportunity to reach multiplied thousands of people through those few hundred preachers.

Those men of God will minister to people I will never meet in places I will never have a chance to go. If I can inspire and equip them for service then many more souls can come to Christ than I can imagine.

Each time we go to Nigeria I pray that God will fall on the preachers and change their lives and ministries forever. Some of the men that will attend are working in areas where it is probably unsafe to do so.

They are on the front lines and are constantly in the enemy's crosshairs. They need all of the encouragement we can give. Pray that the Holy Ghost will saturate us in that conference.

Thank you for always lifting us up before God in prayer.


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