Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ellisville, Mississippi Sunday Night.

I mentioned yesterday that Bro. Scott and his family drove us to Ellisville to preach Sunday night. We have been going to Ellisville to preach for Pastor Kenny Morris and his folks for several years now and we are always excited about going.

Bro. Morris and several of the Ellisville folks came to tent revival and were a big help in the services. I sure do appreciate that. Some did not get to come so I am glad it worked out for us to be there on Sunday night while we were in the area.

We had a good service and a great response in the altar. I say it over and over and over, but if people will respond to the preaching by seeking God in the altar, God will meet with them there. He did that Sunday night just like he always does. Praise God.

We had food and fellowship with everybody after church and you know we enjoyed that too. Pastor Kenny and Sis. Joan Morris are dear friends of ours and have always treated us so kind. Their people have followed their lead and have embraced us as friends as well. They always throw open the door when we are there and make us feel right at home.

We had a wonderful time Sunday night. Thank you all for your fine hospitality! We look forward to seeing you all in February by God's grace.


Here are a few pictures from Ellisville, Mississippi on Sunday night.

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