Tuesday, October 16, 2012

German Sundaes For Odie's Birthday

The Pine Prairie church had a birthday cake for Odie at Sunday's Pastor Appreciation dinner. It was very nice of them to include Odie in the festivities. They also have her a gift.

But her birthday came and went with no sauerkraut and Odie has to have sauerkraut for her birthday.

So today Kelly Jo prepared German Sundaes to celebrate Odie's 27th birthday. They were so good as usual. We all love German Sundaes!

Odie was a happy camper and I was pretty happy myself. It was a great meal! Thanks Kelly Jo. I wish Odie had another birthday next week!


German Meets Cajun.

This is a fried boudin ball with sauerkraut on it. Wow! What a combination! Bro. Gautreaux's Dad brought the boudin balls to us and since we had the sauerkraut out it seemed like the thing to do. It was great.


  1. happy birthday odie!!! :) love ya!!

    Adriene B.

  2. Happy Birthday Sister Odie!!

    Tami and I analyzed the picture of the "German Sundae" and we think we recognized most of the ingredients. Sauerkraut, sour cream, grated cheddar cheese, bacon bits and green olives. Wow!! I had to go get my bottle of antacid pills because just looking at the picture gave me heartburn!! Gonna hafta try it though!!

    God Bless!
    Ray n Tami

  3. Bro. Ray,

    The base of the Sundae is potatoes sliced and boiled with a little onion.


  4. Adriene, thanks love you too!

    Bro. Ray & Sis. Tammi thank you!!! Mushrooms are also a great addition to the sundaes. It a meal worth eating Rolaids for. LOL. Love and miss y'all!!


  5. We enjoyed an loved having you all. It was great meeting y'all. Thanks for such a wonderful revival an fellowship.


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