Monday, October 22, 2012

New Mission Holiness Church

Revival is off to a good start at New Mission Holiness Church near Purcell, Oklahoma. We had a wonderful service last night.

We did not take many pictures as we normally do in the first night but we will try to take several as the week progresses and post them Saturday.

I am working on the Minister's conference sermons from our last visit to Nigeria trying to get them ready for the printer. One of Bro. Shobanke's elders, a medical doctor named Dr. Hunyinbo Kehinde Isaac asked me to put the conferences in book form so they could be more widely distributed there.

I worked several days last week and will devote several days this week to the project.

I am also working on this year's Nigerian minister's conferences and my normal sermon prep so my posts here might be shorter and fewer. Odie is trying to pick up the slack and I think she has a post ready for tomorrow.

Tune in next time to see! God bless.


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