Sunday, October 7, 2012

Bond, KY - Campmeeting in Pictures - Part II

Here is a report on the preaching at Bond and a few more pictures. It was so good to see everybody. I had a wonderful time at campmeeting.


Bond Campmeeting October 2-5, 2012

Tuesday Night

Bro. Bennie Sutherland
Hebrews 3;0-13
Deadliness of Sin

Wednesday Morning

Bro. Bill Preskit
Acts 4:32-37 Acts 5:1-16
A Deadly Divine Intervention

Bro. L. D. Savage
2nd Kings 4:38-44
Give Us a Sack of Meal

Wednesday Youth

Bro. Dalton Usselton
Luke 21:25-28
Christ is In The Cloud

Bro. Roger Peyton
Galation 1:1-6
Luke 21:8
Another Jesus

Wednesday Night

Bro. Bennie Sutherland
Deuteronomy 7:25-26

Thursday morning

Bro. Bill Preskit
Acts 5:17 -31
Obedience At Any Cost

Bro. Billy Adkins
Jonah 1:9-17 2:1-2
When God's Mercy Feels Like Hell

Thursday youth.

Bro. Jacob McCoy
Matthew 28:6-10,16-20
Keeping Away doubt

Bro. Titus Shuecraft
John 2:1-9
This Is Just The Beginning

Bro. Chris McKennie
John 5:1-9
Waiting on a Move

Thursday Night

Bro. Bennie Sutherland
Acts 27:27-29
Shallow Waters

Friday Morning

Bro. Bill Preskit
Acts 5:27-42
If It Be Of God

Bro. Bruce McGuire
Acts 17:22-25
The Greatest Declaration Ever Made

Friday Youth Service

Bro. Ty Gerard
Genesis 25:30-34
You Don't Have To Sell Your Rights

Bro. Randy Webb
Ecclesiastes 9:13-18
The Forgotten Man

Friday Night

Bro. Bennie Sutherland
John 8:5
What Sayest Thou?

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