Sunday, September 16, 2012

Taking the Tent Down In Elba, Alabama

Make sure you see This Post with Pictures of the Tent Revival.

The tent came down without a hitch on Saturday. I would have liked to have taken it down Friday night but it was wet with dew. I had to wait until noon to give the sun time to dry it out.

While I was waiting I organized the trailer and strapped everything down. Kelly Jo and Odie were preparing things in the BoggsMobile to ride.

Bro. Isaacs and his folks came and worked hard and in a little while it was all packed away. They also helped move the trailer into position to hook up to the bus and helped load the Green Machine.

Then came one of the hardest parts of any good revival, saying goodbye and driving away. I hated to leave Pastor Jon Isaacs and his family and church.

I know that folks tease us evangelists about preaching a few nights and then running to our next revival without a backward glance. But I love seeing people find Jesus and watching the change he makes in their lives. I love it when a church is so in love with Christ that they can not help but tell it.

When that happens I want to fall in next to that Pastor and see what the Lord is going to do. But I am called to be an evangelist so I must say goodbye and drive on.

If that sounds a little dramatic so be it. I have always been over the edge emotionally. Maybe I am getting worse as I grow older. Lol

Anyway, here are some pictures. I will try to catch you up on our current location tomorrow.


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