Sunday, September 9, 2012

First Night of Tent Revival in Elba, Alabama

Tent Revival is off to a good start in Elba, Alabama. We had a good crowd and a good response in the altar last night and we give God glory for that.

We have great road exposure here and a small apartment community next to us. We had quite a bit of interest from the residents in the apartments last night. Several have said they are coming to service and we look forward to God working in their lives.

The weather is near perfect for tent revival and that is a super blessing after the heat and humidity on Saturday. We have very little chance of rain in the forecast and great temperatures. Let's pray that holds out.

All three of us suffer with fall allergies and they have started kicking in the last week or so. Odie is really stuggling with them so please pray for her. Mine have been pretty mild the last two years so I am hoping that continues.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.


It is 73 sun shiny degrees as I sit under the tent at 9:45 Monday morning. It is actually a little cool in the shade.

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