Monday, September 17, 2012

Sunday September 16, 2012

Saturday when we left Elba we drove about 170 miles to the Foley, Alabama area. It was mostly non interstate driving so it took us nearly 4 hours. I try never to get in a hurry when I am pulling the tent trailer with the BoggsMobile especially when I am not on the interstate. We had a good trip although it did rain on us some.

We arrived just before dark and set up. I was washing the love bugs off the front of the bus when the sun starting fading. I changed into dry clothes the 3rd time that day and after a few minutes rest we headed over to Lambert's Cafe. Yes, there is a Lambert's in Foley and it is just a few minutes away.

Can you imagine the chances of that? A Lambert's Cafe close enough that an employee with a good arm could almost hit the BoggsMobile with a throwed roll...

It was good food and fun as usual. I crashed shortly after we were home and slept pretty good until daylight. Once the tent is down and packed away and I am in the next place, the strain of tent revival catches up with me and I sleep like a log. I hope to sleep considerably past daylight a few days. Oh, for the days of youth when sleep came easy...

One of the reasons we have tried to space things out a little bit this year during tent revivals is to try to lessen the over all wear and tear physically and emotionally. The truth is that we are just not as young and strong as we once were and it shows up more in tent revivals than it does any where else.

I am already itching to get started Friday on the tent set up in Richton, Mississippi so I should be in good shape by then....

Sunday we drove about 70 miles to be in service with Pastor Donnie Williamson and the great folks at Tanner Williams Holiness Church. Regular readers know that these are some of our favorite folks in the world and we wanted to surprise them by dropping in for a service.

A couple of the members are pretty clever though. They had noticed in Odie's Newsletter the Sunday with nothing scheduled. They knew we would be passing by the area and they wondered aloud if we would stop in, but for the most part we surprised them. We had a wonderful time enjoying the blessings of God and the fellowship with good friends.

While near Mobile we HAD to stop at the Boiling Pot for a Shrimp PoBoy! Wonderful as usual!

Here are some pictures from the day. I hope you all had a great Sunday too. God bless you all....


The Apostle Donald C. Williamson

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