Thursday, September 20, 2012

Update on Plans For Nigeria Trip

We have some good news on our Nigeria trip! We had to have our Visas in hand before we could make airline reservations and the Visas arrived from the Nigerian Embassy in Waynesville on Tuesday. Praise God!

I have been watching the prices for the flights and they have been all over the map. I wanted to buy while they were low. When I checked Tuesday afternoon they were the cheapest I had ever seen them so I jumped right on it.

We are flying from Dayton to Atlanta and then an overnight flight straight into Lagos for $1073 each. Over $700 of each ticket is taxes and fees so they are not going much lower than that. Even $2146 is more than we are prepared to spend right now but it could jump by $3-600 each the next hour so I booked them at that price. 

The Visas from Nigera are much higher this year and have also been reduced from one year duration to 3 months. That change in itself makes them four times as expensive. I guess they get the money where they can. Some countries pay $2 for Nigerian Visas and several counties are free. Trust me, they do not let Americans in for free or any where near it.

Our total spent so far is around $2800. We will spend about $1000 more for malaria medicine and a few vaccinations that may have to be renewed this year and about $1500 for our expenses in Nigeria. Odie is not going on this trip so that lowers the Visa fees, vaccines and malaria medicne and airfare expenses by one third.

We would like to take several thousand more for projects and special needs in Nigeria. In 2009 we were able to give $3000 to put a roof on Landmark Christ Mission. Bro. Kuye is the Pastor of this church in Ibadan, Oyo State.


We hope to go back to Ibadan and preach for Bro. Kuye on this trip if all goes as planned.


We were able to give over $7000 total during that trip. We have also been able to help provide support for schools, Bibles, preachers and help build other churches since then. We save diligently for this but much of our giving was possible because of individuals and churches in America having a burden to help other Christians spread the Gospel.

As I mentioned in the last Nigeria Update we have been so preoccupied with the extra expenses of tent revivals this year that we are not as prepared financially as we would like to be for this trip. We are not asking for money for our own expenses but if you would like to contribute to the needs of the churches in Nigeria you are welcome to do so.

Many have ask about giving to specific projects and that is great too. These are just a few ideas that I have shared with folks that ask.

1. You could send an offering toward the new branch church Bro. Shobanke is building in Abeokuta.
2. You could help support a staff member at their Christian school.
3. You could send money for musical instruments for their churches.
4. You could help support a Pastor or Evangelist.
5. You could send money for Bibles.
6. You could help sponsor the Minister's Conference or the Gospel Crusade.

And the possibilities go on and on... If you chose to send an offering send it to Boggs Family Ministries and make sure you mark its purpose clearly or send us a note telling us where you would like for it to be applied. We will do our best to honor that. Keep in mind that Boggs Family Ministries is a 501c3 and all of your gifts should be tax deductible.

It is very difficult for us to take physical items to Nigeria. Luggage space is at a premium so sending things or objects with us is nearly impossible. It is almost always better to take money and buy the item there if it is available.

With plane tickets and Visas in hand, we can feel the excitement building. I am also working each day on sermon preparation for all of the different services there. I fully expect that God will meet us in those services and that lives will be changed and touched. I can not wait to see it and to be a part of God helping His people.

We are not missionaries in the classic sense of the word. We are called to be evangelists. If that work of evangelism takes us to other nations that are considered mission fields then we are glad to go. Our goal is to see men and women radically changed by the power of Christ in their lives. Whether I find those men and women under a tent in Mississippi, Montana or Indiana or in a Gospel Crusade in Abeokuta, Nigeria it matters not one ounce to me. I want to go where they are as God opens the doors.

Will you please continue to pray for us?


Boggs Family Ministries
P.O. Box 28
Waynesville, OH 45068

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  1. For Evangelist Davy Boggs & Family, and All who are giving for Nigeria's Trip, i would like share the song of Ray Boltz to remind you that your giving is not in vain.
    The song says Thank you for giving to the Lord

    I dreamed I went to heaven
    And you were there with me
    We walked upon the streets of gold
    Beside the crystal sea
    We heard these angels singing
    Then someone called your name
    You turned and saw this young man
    And he was smiling as he came
    And he said friend you may not know me now
    And then he said, but wait
    You used to teach my Sunday School
    When I was only eight
    And every week you would say a prayer
    Before the class would start
    And one day when you said that prayer
    I asked Jesus in my heart

    Thank you for giving to the Lord
    I am a life that was changed
    Thank you for giving to the Lord
    I am so glad you gave

    Then another man stood before you
    And said remember the time
    A missionary came to your church
    And his pictures made you cry
    You didn't have much money
    But you gave it anyway
    Jesus took the gift you gave
    And that's why I'm here today

    CHORUS (repeat)

    One by one they came
    Far as your eyes could see
    Each life somehow touched
    By your generosity
    Little things that you had done
    Sacrifices you made
    They were unnoticed on the earth
    In heaven now proclaimed
    And I know that up in heaven
    You're not supposed to cry
    But I am almost sure
    There were tears in your eyes
    As Jesus took your hand
    And you stood before the Lord
    He said, my child look around you
    For great is your reward


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