Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tent Revival Report

We have had three wonderful and powerful services under the tent in Richton, Mississippi! God has met with us just as He has promised to do.

Folks have been coming from all over the community and we are thankful for that. One man told me that he listened on his porch Monday night and felt compelled to come under the tent on Tuesday. He was so thankful that he came when God touched him in the altar.

We have had folks saved and we have had others filled with the Holy Ghost. Odie was blessed tremendously Tuesday night too. I thought for sure that she was going to take off walking.

I know I remind you all of this all the time but there really is no telling what God is going to do. I believe He is reaching for men and women to save, heal and deliver. Oh God help us to believe!

We are living in dark times and people are desperate. But God is able to move when we are at our wits end. When we are finished God has not even started.

I am watching God do that for folks in these tent revivals. That alone makes all the miles, money and labor completely worth it. It is amazing to watch God give the increase in the lives of those that call on His name.

Praise God! Can you tell I am excited?

We have three more nights before we take down the tent for the final time for this year. Please continue to pray for us.



  1. Praise God for all he is doing. So excited to hear what God done for Odie. Praying for ya'll..We love ya'll

    Kelli Bufford
    Elba, AL

  2. So thankful for the wonderful report. I just wish we could be there. You all are in our thoughts and prayers continually.


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