Monday, September 3, 2012

Nigeria in November and December

It is time to ramp up preparations for our trip to Nigeria the end of November. We can apply for Visas at the Nigerian embassy up to 90 days before the trip so this is the week to do it. Once we receive the Visas we can make our flight reservations.

The ticket prices for the flights we need have been down some this summer (about $1,200 each) and we hope those prices will hold for a few more weeks. We have previously seen prices as high as $2,000 each so there can be quite a spread.

Pastor Fellers from Weir, Kansas is planning to go with us and help with the Ministers Conference. We are excited about that. Pastor Fellers has known Bro. Shobanke for many years. Bro. Shobanke has wanted him in Nigeria for a long while so he is excited as well. It will be great to have Bro. Fellers along!

We plan to do a Ministers Conference at Bro. Shobanke's church in Abeokuta and an outdoor Gospel Crusade too. We are planning to preach a revival in a new church and to preach in Pastor Kuye's church in Ibadan. We are excited about each meeting. I can not wait to be there among my brothers and sisters.

We have been so occupied with tent revivals that we are not as prepared for this trip as we should be at this point. Please pray for us that we can pull all the necessary pieces together in the next 70-80 days.

There is not only a lot of expense in making the trip, but I do not want to be empty handed when I go. Every where I look in Nigeria I see needs that require money and I want us to be able to meet some of those needs.

We like to take offerings for the churches, the various ministries they support, interpreters, other preachers and special projects as we are led. We are looking forward to doing that again this year. We believe we will be able to do it by God's grace.

Many of you let us know that you pray for Nigeria on a regular basis. Thank you. They need it. There is much unrest in Nigeria. Although most of the danger is in the northern part of the nation all of the people need God's help.

It is amazing how many people desire prayer that we meet on the streets, in the airports and in the hotels. I was ask to pray for two solders last time who were inspecting luggage in the airport.

After I knew what they were requesting, I laid hands on their heads and prayed for them with hundreds of people around. No one even batted an eye. Here at home the bystanders would think you were nuts and probably would not hesitate to say it loudly!

So there is a great opportunity for us to minister to others well beyond the church services. We need all the prayer cover you can provide while we are there. We want to used of God in Nigeria.

May God bless you as you pray.


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  1. Glad to hear this Good news. We are seriously anxious and anticipating your visit in NIgeria.
    I believe My GOD shall supply ALL YOUR NEEDS according to HIS RICHES in CHRIST JESUS. HE is ABLE to do EXCEEDINGLY, ABUNDANTLY & ABOVE ALL WE ASK OR THINK, according to HIS POWER which works in us


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