Saturday, October 22, 2022

Odie Street

Programming Note:
We will begin revival in Birch Tree, Missouri Sunday night rather than Sunday morning. 

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting in from the BoggsMobile. We are Missouri bound today. Birch Tree, Missouri, is our final destination for the week.

Our brief Oklahoma visit concluded last night. We had a fabulous week at Crosslight Chapel! The Lord blessed us so sweetly during the services this week. The fellowship with friends was wonderful! We love being with the Bro. Lendell and Sis. Cyndi Birdsong and their church family. We always look forward to our next visit.

Monday, I spent some time with my friends from the Pod'n Me podcast. 

It was great to be with those guys again! I will tell you more about our visit next time. Click here if you missed my first Pod'n Me experience.

Odie Street
While in Fort Worth, Texas, earlier this month, I met Sis. Terri and Bro. Ruben. When I told them my name was Odie, they said, "We live on your street." They actually live on Odie Street!

I had no idea Odie Street was a real place until now. I can never find name signs that say, Odie. Every kid looks for a souvenir with their name on it. Odie has been impossible to find unless something was made just for me. I remember having a street-like sign in my room when I was younger. That sign had my real name, Andrea, on it.

When I found out Odie Street was a real place, I asked them to take a picture of the sign for me. I may not have a star on the Hollywood walk of fame, but I have a street sign in Texas.😊 Now I have proof.

Odie Street intersects with Whitney Drive. I sent this picture below to my good friend Sis. Whitney Tinon in Virginia. We had no idea that we were neighbors in Texas. We both thought it was cool to be neighbors. I guess now we know that we are always together.

I hope you find Odie Street interesting too. Do you have your own street somewhere?

There used to be a Smokin Odie's BBQ in Miami, Oklahoma. We ate there a couple of times. The owner was super nice, and his name was Odie. You can read about the restaurant here.

I have heard there is an Odie's Deli in Alaska. Who knows where I will find my name next? 

Thanks for stopping by to visit with me today. See you next Saturday.


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