Monday, October 10, 2022

The Weekend Dispatch 10/10/22

Another weekend has come and gone and we lived to tell about it. Please buckle your seat belts, put your seats and tray tables in the upright and locked position and get ready to ride.

We put up pictures from tent revival Here and Here, but we have a few more from the final service Friday night.

After the final service, we packed away the sound equipment in the BoggsMobile in preparation to make our exit Saturday morning. It was wonderful to be with Pastor Don Smith, Sis. Mary and the congregation from Arlington Heights in Fort Worth. We enjoyed the week very much.

I began before daylight Saturday in order to be ready to crank the bus at 9:00. Everything was right on schedule and Pastor Smith, Bro. Misael and Bro. Terry were on hand to help us get on the road. More specifically, they were there to help us Not scrape the road.

I mentioned last week that it was difficult to get into the church lot from the road. It was going to be difficult getting out too. I purchased some lumber and the Pastor brought some lumber and we four kept moving it under the wheels while KJo did an expert job of driving out.

We made it with no scrapes, but also no pictures. Too busy for pictures. I sure appreciate the brothers helping us.

After the morning adventure, the drive through Fort Worth and Denton on our way to Gainesville was easy-peazy!

Our first stop in Gainesville was Rumpy's Bakery and Deli/Gas Station. They have a dump station for RVs and we needed to do the work of the evangelist. When that was finished we went straight to the House of Prayer and parked the bus.

For lunch, we went to our favorite restaurant in Gainesville, Neu Ranch. On our last few visits there, the buffet had been closed due to Covid, but we had heard it was open again. Oh yeah, it was as good as ever!

I am pretty sure we will eat there again while we are in town.😍

By the time we were eating, the stress of the day was catching up to us. All three of us stretched out a few minutes in the bus before tackling the sound system. 

Gere we ho again!

Once that was finished, it was time to prepare for bed.

Sunday was a beautiful day and we enjoyed beautiful services with our beautiful friends. I think we have had to cancel at least three attempts at revival here during this horrible Covid mess. At least twice, the church had to cancel because of an outbreak and we had to cancel once because we were sick.

It is so nice to be back!

We have been coming here for twenty years next February. I can not express how much I owe these precious people for their kindness toward us. These folks prayed for me last year fervently

They were regularly letting us know that the Lord was moving on different people in the congregation to pray for us and to check on us. I am quite confident that I am alive today AND able to travel and preach because these folks and others prayed and God heard and answered!

It is an incredible honor to be here among them and to enjoy the presence of the Lord with them. I am thankful for their love that kept them at the feet of Christ interceding to God for me. Hallelujah!

Odie captured some great pictures for you today. I am sure we will have more later in the week by His grace.

Thank you for joining us today. May God bless each of you.


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