Monday, October 3, 2022

The Weekend Dispatch 10/3/2022

This weekend was another roller-coaster weekend with a little rest and relaxation thrown in just like we like it!😍

Thursday, we drove about 30 minutes and walked around First Monday Canton Trade Days. It had been over 30 years since we had been to First Monday. Wow! It is huge. We spent about five hours wandering around and barely touched the highlights.

It was nice to get away as a family and enjoy the time together. The weather was absolutely perfect! The first time we visited there with friends was 1991 or 92 in August and it was hot, hot, hot!

Friday was the day we tackled our IRS filing for Boggs Family Ministries. It is not a tax return, but a tax reporting form. It is required of all 501c3 ministries that are not churches and it is extensive. It wears me out every year.

We sat down to do it in May, but discovered we were required to do it electronically this year. That requires using a third party and we knew nothing about that. I filed a six month extension and began researching our options.

Most of the work is really done in January while I am closing out the books for the year and getting ready for our annual Boggs Family Ministries board meeting.

But gathering that information and inserting it properly in the right places for the IRS stresses me out. But, we got it for another year and I am thankful! Doing it electronically should be easier next year since the third party company will be able to recall the previous year's information.

We submitted it through the third party company electronically and we are awaiting confirmation that it was received. Hallelujah! It is done!

Friday evening, KJo and Odie watched some of the church people make fried pies for a fundraiser.

Saturday morning the fun was over and it was time to get back to work.

We only had about 130 miles to drive, but the route took us across Dallas and Ft. Worth. Wow! What a drive!

We made it to the church and the fun really began. This one of the tightest entrances we have ever pulled in with the bus. Thankfully, the city street was pretty wide and we made it by the grace of God!

Sorry, no pictures or videos. I was a little busy checking things out while Kelly Jo was driving. She did an excellent job!

The Pastor and a couple of men from the church were waiting to help us when we pulled up. This is our first time here and we are thankful for the invitation. We are also thankful they were here to help us get pulled in and settled.

We had barely parked when the day brightened considerably. Look who drove up!

Yep, that is Bro. Bruce and Sis. Priscilla Mayhan from Pauls Valley, Oklahoma. They were in Texas for a Memorial service for a relative, but Texas is a big place. They drove a few hours out of their way for a short visit!

May God bless our friends for being such great friends. I want to be a friend like that!

Later, Sis. Aubrey Linan brought us a very nice gift basket Saturday evening.

KJo and I were outside setting up sound at 8:30 Sunday morning. Pastor Don Smith rented an event tent and we are having revival outside this week. We had two wonderful services Sunday and we are looking forward to more.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous Sunday. It almost seemed like cheating by having service in such nice temperatures. I enjoyed every single moment of it.

That wraps up a super great weekend. Thank you for joining us today.



  1. We enjoyed the visit. Great to see you guys again. See you down the road.


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