Wednesday, October 26, 2022

A Word For Wednesday-Life Decisions-Raising Our Children

Today is A Word For Wednesday, but there is something special I want to tell you about. Odie is guest hosting on today's episode of Pod'N Me Podcast. I am sure you will want to listen to that. You can listen wherever you get your podcasts or you can get to it HERE

Please represent Mile Markers well and listen to Odie. Let's make this their most popular podcast yet!😜

It is time again for A Word For Wednesday. This morning, I am posting A Word for Wednesday on our YouTube Channel. Please give it a listen and leave us a comment here or on YouTube.

The gift of children is so precious. God places these little humans in our lives and we do our best not to mess them up. It is best if we come up with some kind of plan ahead of time for raising our children.

Thank you for joining us today.



  1. I listened to the Pod N’ Me podcast with Odie at the helm! It was awesome! Love y’all and see y’all later!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to do that and letting us know.


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