Saturday, October 1, 2022

September 2022 Fun With Saylor Brooke

Hey Friends,

This is Odie checking in from Texas. I hope you are doing well. We are doing good. We made some new friends this week in Brownsboro, Texas. God blessed us with a great first revival at First Assembly.

Now, we are in the Fort Worth area. We are gearing up for another revival. I believe God will help us here as well!

Last Saturday, I wrote about some of my fun during the tent revival in Thomasville, Alabama. Today I want to show you some of my fun while we were in Richton, Mississippi.

Bro. Scott and Sis. Kim Morris have two daughters. Over the years, I have watched them grow up into beautiful women. I am proud of them. Both Regan and Rylee are some of my dearest friends.

I always have a blast with them. Sadly our time together ends way before I am ready for it to end. I am thankful for every time I can be with my Mississippi sisters. I love these girls so much!

A few years ago, Regan married Brandon Walters. Last fall, God blessed them with a sweet baby girl. I say Saylor Brooke Walters is the princess of Richton, Mississippi.

Saylor will be one in about a month. Time has passed by so fast. I have only gotten to be with her a few times during her life.

During tent revival, I was determined that we would be buddies. I was thrilled with the progress I made this time. Saylor was extremely leery of me at first, but she warmed up.

Soon we were pals, thanks to my wheelchair. She was not a fan of riding with me. Yet, she was intrigued by my battery lights and horn. Saylor was content to sit with me pretending to drive, staring at my lights, and periodically mashing my horn button.

Saylor was on hand to supervise the setup and tent take down operations.

She made sure everything was done correctly.

At tent revival, Princess Saylor had the best seat in the house. She was able to relax, eat a snack and enjoy church.

Here are a few more pictures I captured during Saylor’s first tent revival.

Saylor adores her Pappi and Mimi! I do not blame her one bit They are incredible people!

Dad worked hard to win her over. It was quite hilarious at times.

Saylor provided us a lot of entertainment. She started playing with Dad across the table. It was so cute!

Regan and Brandon, I am sorry if she is still throwing water bottles or sliding salt and pepper shakers across the table. Blame Papa Davy for that one. LOL

Mom is always a favorite with the kids. One day Mom was playing with her, and Saylor was belly laughing.

There you have a recap on some of our fun with Saylor Brooke. I am already looking forward to seeing her again. She is precious and holds an extremely special place in my heart.

Thanks for stopping by to visit with me! See you next week.


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