Saturday, August 27, 2022

Odie's Dryden Road Indoor Notes 2022 and Pictures From Friday

This is Odie coming to you today. Fellowship Meeting is over and we should be on our way to Central City, Kentucky by the time most of you read this.

We have had a wonderful week at Dryden Rd. Indoor Fellowship Meeting. Each service has been amazing. We have been singing, worshipping and enjoying the Word of God all week long. It has been refreshing and reviving.

Dad has been posting pictures each day and I hope you have enjoyed them. Pictures from various camp meetings are often our most popular Mile Markers. I know that it is fun for me to go back through them and enjoy them later.

The pictures from Friday are at the end of this post and you can navigate to see pictures from the previous days at these links.

Before the pictures, I have some notes and pictures from the preaching all week!

Dryden Road Pentecostal Church Indoor Fellowship Meeting
August 23-26 2022

Tuesday 7 PM 

Pastor Bill Parks- Tulsa, Oklahoma

Psalm 134

Wednesday 10 AM Service

Pastor Dwain Galiher- West Plains, Missouri

Second Thessalonians 2:1-9
“The Imposter”

Pastor T.D. Boyd “Hollywood”- Sterlington, Louisiana 

Psalm 74:1-11
“Vandals In The Sanctuary”

Bro. Jon Anderson- Bond, Kentucky 

Acts 28:30-31
“Don’t Close The Book”

6 PM Youth Service 

Bro. Isaac Cowert- South Carolina 

John 14:1-6
“Follow Me I’ve Been There, I Am The Way”

Bro. Josh Smith- Bond, Kentucky

Nehemiah 12:30-31, 37-38, 40-43
“Worship On The Wall”

7 PM 

Pastor Bill Parks- Tulsa, Oklahoma

Isaiah 38
“What’s Your Job, After God’s Is Done”

Thursday 10 AM Service

Pastor Dwain Galiher- West Plains, Missouri

Genesis 12:4, 13:1, 5
“Tag Along Christians”

Pastor Kevin Lloyd- Bond, Kentucky

Acts 10:36-38
“The Power Of The Gospel Is The Power Of The Church”

6 PM Youth Service 

Bro. Brian Doval- West Virginia 

Matthew 16:18

Bro. Michael Touchton- Tulsa, Oklahoma 

Exodus 33:7-11
“Gleaning From His Glory”

7 PM 

Pastor Bill Parks- Tulsa, Oklahoma

First Samuel 301-8, 18-20
First Chronicles 26:26
“Spoils Of A Broken Man” 

Friday 10 AM Service

Pastor Dwain Galiher- West Plains, Missouri

Isaiah 44:13-17
“Residue Religion”

Pastor Randy Webb- Richlands, Virginia 

Isaiah 68:8
“Something Worth Saving”

Pastor John Roberts- Richlands, Virginia 

Exhorted, preached and sung. 

6 PM Youth Service 


Bro. Luke Martinez- El Mirage, Arizona 

Bro. Seth Cowert- South Carolina 

Bro. Bryson Hoskins- New Lebanon, Ohio

Bro. Tyler Combs- Bond, Kentucky 

First Kings 11:12
Isaiah 39:5-8
"The Sacrifice Of A Generation"

7 PM 

Holy Ghost move of God. 

Now for the rest of the story!


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