Tuesday, August 2, 2022

First Few Days Home

We pulled into the Lazy OD Ranch before noon on Monday last week. We should have hit the ground running, but the first thing I did was take a nap. I did not even unhook the Jeep until the next day.

Then it was time to get to work!

Although we hired a friend to mow the grass, the weeds never stop growing in the gravel drive and parking area. We put the area in top shape when we were home a few days in the spring, but it looked like the weeds had never been treated. Ugh!

We took time for a visit with my parents and Frisch's Monday and visits with my parents and KJo's parents Tuesday with a trip to Acapulco thrown in.

Thursday we mowed and sprayed weeds. KJo and I mixed and sprayed eight gallons of weed killer on the gravel areas that day. Friday, after we moved the bus out of the way, we sprayed two more gallons for a total of ten gallons. 

We used two quarts of concentrate. One quart of concentrate cost a few dollars less than ten quarts of concentrate used to cost. One quart was $40 and ten quarts cost $42-$45 only 18 months ago! 

How in the world are they figuring 9% inflation? Wow! Someone in the gov'ment is using new math and it does not compute.

By Sunday, the weed killer seemed to be taking effect! Yay! Can you see the brown grass?

We have a water hydrant next to the barn that we hook to for the bus and various other uses. When I turned it on Monday, it was leaking. Ugh!

Friday morning I had a chance to look at it and decided it might be the packing nut. I figured out how to tighten it and 1/4 turn with a 19 metric open ended wrench took care of it! Yay Again!

Thursday evening we preached at Dryden Rd and Friday we drove the bus to Hamilton for Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning revival. You can read about that in yesterday's post.

Thank you for dropping in today.



  1. A 1/4 turn to fix a plumbing problem is indeed something to celebrate! I strongly dislike plumbing. See you down the road……..

    1. Yeah, I would not make much of a plumber, that is for sure!😍 Davy


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