Saturday, August 6, 2022

Celebrating Birthdays

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting in for another Saturday post. Friends, we have made it to August this week. Time is flying by! I hope that you are doing well. 

We are doing well here at home. The revival services have been refreshing and sweet. 

Our family has had two birthdays since I last wrote a post for you. My Mamaw Martha had her special day last week. Papaw Danny Morgan had his birthday on Wednesday,


She deserves an extra shoutout on the blog today. Dad shared a couple pictures and wished her a happy birthday Sunday. Now it is my turn.

I am proud to call this beautiful lady my Mamaw! I can never really tell you how much I love and appreciate her. I am thankful to have her in my life!

Some of our family got together for breakfast on Mamaw's birthday. We had a great time celebrating her special day! I hope she felt well loved! Here are pictures from that breakfast outing.

Papaw Danny

My Papaw is an awesome guy! He gets an extra birthday shoutout too! I hope he had a fantastic birthday this year!

I love him so much! Just thinking about him brings a smile to my face. He is so gentle and kind hearted! Everyone that knows him loves him. He is the life of the party!

Seeing a guitar in his hands and hearing the beautiful music come out of the guitar is one of my favorite things to experience!

Below I posted some of my favorite photos of Papaw!

My  Mamaw Martha Boggs and Papaw Danny Morgan are both extremely important in our lives! We are so thankful for their love, prayers and support! God has blessed us with an incredible family! I like to honor them here whenever I get the chance.

Thank you for stopping by to visit with me today. I hope you have a great weekend. See you next time.


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