Monday, August 22, 2022

The Weekend Dispatch 8/22/22

Looking over the weekend behind us, there appears to be a Mexican food theme. This was not by design. It is merely a reflection of our normal life!

Friday we at lunch with my parents at Acapulco in Lebanon.

According to the pictures on my phone, I had KJo's famous tacos at some point.

Then we had Acapulco's again on Saturday with Kelly Jo's parents.

We paused for a moment on the Mexican theme to eat at Cracker Barrel Saturday evening with our dear friend, Pastor Wade Hicks.

Then we promptly resumed the Mexican parade Sunday afternoon with Bro. Wade and some of the church folks from West Harrison.

It was great to be with our friends at West Harrison Pentecostal Church both services on Sunday. We love these folks and had not been here since the Sunday before Thanksgiving last year. It was high time for another visit!

The church is only 55-60 miles from the Lazy OD Ranch, but we decided to drive the BoggsMobile for a few reasons. First, it is so handy to have absolutely everything we need without having to pack it all in the car. 

Second, it saves making two trips to West Harrison on Sunday.

Third, we will be rolling in the bus for real in a few days and it is always good for me to exercise it a bit and give it a chance to manifest any potential problems close to home.

That is why we were cranking the bus Saturday evening after the storms blew through and pointing the BoggsMobile toward southeastern Indiana. Pastor Wade Hicks picked us up shortly after we arrived and we spent the evening eating and visiting with our friend.

Sunday night after church, we went to Cracker  Barrel one more time for fellowship and another good meal.

We also have a few pictures taken by Sis. Chrissy.

The BoggsMobile was rolling by 9:40 PM Sunday night and it was parked next to the barn ready to shut down by 10:55. That brought another great weekend to a close.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to visit with us today.


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