Thursday, August 11, 2022

Two Sets of California Visitors

While we were in revival last week in Middletown, we were driving back and forth from the Ranch. Parking is in short supply at Calvary and there was no sense taking up several spots with the BoggsMobile. We were so close enough to home to make it easy anyway.

We were happy to be home for another reason. We had two families from California that were close enough to visit us. That was an exciting reason to be home.

The two families were not traveling together, but they purposefully met up at the Ark Encounter and spent a day together. The fact that they independently decided to visit us was a bonus for us.

Tuesday it was super great to receive a visit from Bro. Mel Casey and his family. They were singing Wednesday at the Ark Encounter as part of the 40 Days and Nights of Gospel Singing. It was so nice of them to make time to swing through for some salsa and fellowship!

Thursday, Bro. Doug Spencer Jr. and his family took the time to visit us. They even had time to swing by and see Odie's Beach Cottage.

We are so glad that their opportunity to come visit coincided with the time that we were home and able to receive them. We did not get to spend a long time, but we enjoyed every moment. It was fun! It is awesome that it worked out that way!

And we are thankful that you dropped in virtually today! We appreciate it!


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