Tuesday, May 24, 2022

The Weekend Dispatch Featuring The Big Texan

I have some pictures from Odie's weekend in Ohio first. It looks like she spent most of the weekend in church and that is not a bad thing. I have much more below Odie's pictures.

We began our weekend Saturday morning by driving through the wind to Amarillo, Texas. We were hoping to eat at The Big Texan and our hope was fulfilled. 😁

We enjoyed a wonderful meal that Saturday! Wow! I did not eat the big 72 ounce steak, but I sure had a big one! Then we moved to the TA Travel Center across the interstate for the evening and night.

Since we do not have to rush, rush, rush to our next revival, we wanted to find a place to go to church on Sunday. I text friends for recommendations, but could not come up with any great options. I found a Church of God in Christ online and listened to one of their services Saturday evening and we made plans to go. 

Sunday morning we cranked the bus and moved to the Petro Travel Center less than a mile away. The weather was so mild, that we decided not to travel after church and we did not want to wear out our welcome at the first truck stop.

We arrived at Pentecostal Temple Church of God In Christ a few minutes before 11:00 and slipped into service. They welcomed us very warmly. Pastor Demerson and his people were good to us and even asked us to minister for a few minutes.

It was a super great morning.

We only took one picture of people. Bro. Rodrick and Sis. Natalie Watkins were incredibly kind to us.

We had to eat Sunday afternoon and we just happened to be parked very close to a great place to eat. I had a much smaller steak Sunday.

KJo cooks a wonderful omelet! Wow!

I wrote about the weather earlier. The forecast for Amarillo was hot, hot, hot, but the weather guessers were way wrong. It has been beautiful! That is another reason we stayed here for a while. We do not have to run the generator in this weather unless we need hot water. Excellent!

Thank you for reading today.


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