Saturday, May 21, 2022

My Friend Angie Ruiss

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting in for another post. I hope you are doing well. I am grateful to say I am doing good. God has blessed me in so many ways! No matter what life holds at this moment, for all of us, we can proclaim God is awesome! I am feeling thankful today.

One of the things that I proclaim here regularly is that I am thankful for my friends! Recently I was thinking about my friend group. Many of my friends have been in my life for a long time. Some friends I have only known a little while. I am thankful to know I have so many excellent people in my corner.

Our travels have allowed me to meet countless people. We have been blessed abundantly with wonderful friends all over this country and beyond. 

One of my childhood friends that I still count as a close friend lives in Georgia. I can not tell you the exact time I met Angie Ruiss. We grew up seeing each other at several different campmeetings.


Angie is slightly older than me but she always included me in her circle of friends at campmeeting. When we went to a new place, I was nervous about finding friends. I would get excited every time I saw the Ruiss family there too. I had a friend to hang with if Angie was there. 

Angie and I never talked between meetups in our younger days. I did not realize that I was making a lifelong friend. I am thankful for the bond of friendship that started 30 plus years ago. I wish that I had pictures from our earlier years.

Most of the time, miles separate us, and we do not get to be together. The times that our paths cross are wonderful. I enjoy visiting with her so much! We can always pick up where we left off last time. Now we do keep in contact between visits. 

We got to be together for a few nights of revival back in March. It was good to talk face to face again. After church, we were inseparable. It was great to be with my dear friend. 

Sis. Sherry Ruiss, Angie's Mom, was looking for her after church. When she could not locate Angie, she started looking for me.πŸ˜€Sis. Sherry said she thought if I find Odie, I will find Angie. Sure enough, Angie and I were sitting at a table, catching up.

I love Bro. Roger and Sis. Sherry Ruiss too! They are fantastic people and friends to my parents and me! I am grateful that The Ruiss family and our family wanted to go to campmeetings. We gained many blessings, memories and friends from those trips.

The Ruiss family has traveled many miles to be in revivals with us over the years. Their presence in the services always makes our day! During our 2020 online revival, they faithfully watched and listened. Angie would tell them to gather around, it is church time.

Angie, thank you for being my dear friend! Thanks for letting me hang with you and always having time for me. You will never know how much I value our friendship! You inspire me! I love you!

I almost forgot when I snapped the selfie of us back in March, Angie said do not forget to write single next to my pictures on the blog. There is your shoutout, Angie.😍

Thanks for visiting with me today. It is a pleasure to have you here.


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