Thursday, May 12, 2022

Driving Wtih Our Eyes Open

We were blessed to spend several weeks preaching revivals in Virginia and West Virginia recently and we loved every moment of it. It is always a wonderful privilege for us to be there.

If my memory is correct, we preached seven revivals and a single night at another church. It is an honor and a privilege to minister in churches and we are thankful for the kindness and hospitality.

We tried to document each revival with pictures and descriptions. We loved being with the people and the pastors. The services were awesome and we experienced things that we will remember for a long time. It was a super great trip.

Visiting those states brings even more blessings than great churches and great people. We are in love with the whole area and we fall more in love each time we get a glimpse of the beautiful scenery. It is beautiful in every direction.

The drive up I-81 through the Shenandoah Valley is amazing. KJo and I spend the whole time looking back and forth trying to take it all in. We have picked out about 300 pieces of property on each side of the interstate that would be acceptable places to live, but they are all occupied by someone else. What is up with that?😍

Get off the interstate and it gets even better. There are dozens of communities and each has its own special charm. Driving the BoggsMobile gives us an excuse to drive slowly, gawking as we go.

We point out old brick churches in town and quaint little frame churches in the country of all denominations and flavors and we wonder aloud why they have never called us to Pastor. We could live here, couldn't we? Sure we could, until the itch to ramble struck again.

The Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park is almost unbelievably pretty. KJo and I were able to drive up one evening before beginning revival at Bible Holiness. We do not often get to go in the evening. It was totally awesome!

If all goes as planned, we will be seeing beautiful things in the west very soon, but those breathtaking scenes will not erase the wonder of Virginia.

Thank you for joining us today.


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