Saturday, May 28, 2022

Happy Birthday 2022 Papaw Eugene

Hey Friends,

This is Odie checking in from Ohio! I have been having a wonderful time at home. I will share more pictures from some of my fun here later.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend. This weekend we pause to remember the United States Armed Forces members who gave the ultimate sacrifice for us. Their sacrifice allows us to enjoy our great nation and freedoms today!

We also remember all of our loved ones who have left us! I have countless family and friends that are no longer here. My mind is scrolling through the numerous people who have been part of my life. I miss every single person on that list. Those precious people will never be forgotten!

Happy Birthday Papaw 
For the Boggs Family, Memorial Day also means that it is time to celebrate a birthday. Who's birthday is today, you ask? My Papaw Eugene Boggs! 

Papaw has completed another trip around the sun. Thank God for allowing us to still have Papaw with us! Papaw, no wonder you get tired quickly. You are constantly traveling. 😊

The regular readers here will know Papaw is a vital part of our lives. We love him so much! Anybody who knows my Papaw, you also appreciate him.

He is brilliant, talented and wise. I really do not know what we would do without Papaw. He is on speed dial for our entire family! Most of our family will gather on Monday to celebrate Papaw! We look forward the showering him with love and appreciation!

Each year we are grateful that God has helped Papaw through many obstacles that life has put in his path. He is a walking miracle! Thank you, God, for all the answered prayers that have been prayed by our family and friend for Papaw!

Papaw, I love you more than Ice cream! Happy Birthday! Thank you for being incredibly awesome! You are a fantastic hero! I am proud to call you Papaw! I am glad to be home to celebrate your birthday with you.

Thanks for reading, as I honor my Papaw Eugene Boggs! See you again next Saturday.


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