Thursday, May 5, 2022

The Green Machine Lives to Ride Again!

The Green Machine has been part of our family for so many years that it has become part of our identity. Other than the BoggsMobile, we have owned The Green Machine longer than any other vehicle.

People ask about the Green Machine almost everywhere we go. Even though we have not pulled it anywhere since December 2020, it is still missed when we pull onto the parking lot of churches.

I miss the little Green Machine too. With the mad prices of used cars, I have been tempted to sell it, but so far I have resisted the temptation. When a hog has been that good to the family, you hate to eat it all at one time.😍

The Green Machine stays in one place too much now and the battery runs down and needs to be jumped after sitting for several weeks. While jumping the battery earlier this year, something arced and blew a couple of fuses. Dad and Bro. Aster Northern found and replaced the blown fuses and got it running again.

What we did not know and could not know at that moment is that something else blew and the fuse block in the interior of the car was also dead. The wipers, power door locks, power windows, tail lights, brake lights, fan and more were all dead.

KJo checked all the fuses in that fuse block when we were home recently and they were all good. There was no power to the fuses.

The last day we were home, I had a few moments to dig into it. I first checked a large fusible link near the battery, but it was good. Then I decided to check this contraption that is attached to the battery.

There is no way to even see what it is without disconnecting and completely removing the battery. I did that, opened the red lid and this is what is underneath.

These are fusible links in a fashion that I had never seen before. If you look closely, the one in the middle is broken. It is 120 amp and controlled the entire interior fuse block.

This is a better look.

We were already late getting on the road, but I was so close to getting the Green Machine going. I ran to the nearest auto parts place, but they had none. I went to the next store and they had one package of assorted sizes. 

The one that blew was 120 amp. The assorted package had 110 amp and 150 amp among others. I put the 150 amp in temporarily, reinstalled the battery, hooked it up and turned the key. When the Green Machine fired up I checked all of the formerly nonfunctioning features and they were all working.

Time will tell IF the proper fuse will be the final fix, but for now, the Green Machine lives to ride again. That puts a big smile on my face!

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