Monday, May 9, 2022

The Weekend Dispatch 5/9/22

This was a big weekend for us and we are happy to report that everything went very well. I love it when a plan comes together. We have lots of pictures too!

The most special part of the weekend was the Friday night revival service and Mother's Day, of course. Even though we were not with our Mothers in Ohio, we had tried to let them know we love them much and I think they both had good days.

We were also with Sis. Margaret Woods and she has been like a Mother to me and KJo for well over 30 years. It was wonderful to be in service with her and to share a meal together too.

Odie wrote a great Mother's Day post for Saturday's Mile Marker. I hope you enjoyed it. You can read it HERE if you missed it.

The special weekend was another big moment for us in other ways. This was the first weekend in 2022 that we closed revival on Friday after a full week and had a long driving day on Saturday and then began revival again on Sunday morning.

I have not had the strength to do that this year, but it needed to be done this weekend. So we climbed up on the horse and rode it. How did it go?

Well, I was very tired Friday night after preaching all week. I was very tired when we arrived in Vonore, Tennessee after 401 miles Saturday. And I was very tired at the end of the day Sunday. However, I think my body handled it good overall. 

I am very thankful for that. I actually feel pretty good late Sunday night as I write the bulk of this post. Hallelujah! I will know more as the week progresses.

I posted Revival In Pictures Friday, but we had one more night of revival on Friday night. We had great fellowship from Pastors and churches in the area and it was so great to have them. God blessed us with a wonderful altar service to cap things off and I am praising God for it.

Odie snapped a few pictures Friday.

Several men helped us load out sound equipment after church Friday night. Thankfully we got a short break in the rain. We had another short break in the rain Saturday morning as I was doing the work of the evangelist and getting everything hooked up to ride.

Most of the day was spent driving in the sprinkling rain, but we had a few dry patches here and there. Thankfully, it was not raining when we stopped to walk a bit at the Tennessee welcome center or when arrived in Vonore, Tennessee.

We arrived at East Tennessee Luxury Coach in Vonore at 3:10 after 401 miles and 6 hours and 46 minutes. It always feels like coming home when we pull in here and it was good to be home.

Friday night, we loaded the sound equipment we would need at Beechfork in the Jeep. All we had to do Sunday morning was load up and drive to church. 

It was so wonderful to be at Beechfork again! We have been going to Beechfork every year since 1987 and we love these people dearly. We missed last year because I was sick and we are glad to be back.

We had a wonderful Mother's Day service Sunday and we are looking forward to more great services this week.

This sign was at Shoney's it is sad and funny.

The distance from Vonore to the church is 66-70 miles depending on the route. It takes about 90 minutes in the afternoon, but Sunday morning we can drive it in about 70 minutes. We are parking this week in Vonore so that Jeff Rowe and his guys from Tennessee Luxury Coach can address a few pressing problems.

Thank you for spending a few minutes with us today.


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