Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Getting Back To Old Habits

We are back on the road and that brings us back to our old habits. It is like riding a bike, remember

One thing we have not done much at all this year is purchase diesel. That has been fun while it lasted, but if the wheels are going to roll, the BoggsMobile needs diesel to do it.

The BoggsMobile at truck stops will become a common sight again.

It is good to be back on the road, so we are happy to pump in the fuel and pay for it! In 2003 we started a habit of saving our fuel money before making a California trip. We always felt better about having that money in place before we pulled our old fifth wheel or drove the bus to the west coast and back.

We put fuel money into a special account and our fuel card draws straight from that account. We had fuel money for the west coast trip in it when we became sick and went home in January. We did not have to raid those funds so we have fuel money to take us through the rest of the year and probably into January!

Hallelujah! That feels good!

Finding proper truck stops in the Northeast is another deal altogether. Major truck stop brands start getting fewer the farther northeast you go. I mostly use TA, Petro and Loves for fuel, because of the discount, but I also buy a lot at Flying J and Pilot.

Here is a map of the Loves south and west of here

Loves up here.

Flying J and Pilot and other stations in their network south and west of here.

Flying J and Pilot here.

Here is a map of the TA and Petro stations here.

We stopped at the last TA on our route in upstate New York and then stopped again at the first TA going south in New Hampshire. It worked out OK.

Wow! What a void of truck stops. The absence of Flying J's affects us more than having one less fuel stop and that brings me to another habit.

Another habit we have to get back into is thinking ahead and finding places to "Do the work of the evangelist". Do you know what that work is? You can find out at the link above.😍

We have emptied the tanks at Flying J for 18+ years, but with no Flying Js around, we had to get busy and creative finding an alternative.

I had emptied the holding tanks early Monday morning before we left Ohio so they only had three days of use as we approached Vermont. However, we were going to be at Lowell Bible Church for four days so the deed had to be done. 

Not all RV parks are created equal. Some will allow RVers passing through to empty tanks for a fee and some will not. Even if they provide the service, I may not be able to get the bus in and out. You would be amazed how many RV parks have low trees, narrow bridges and other obstacles.

I found an RV resort near Lake George in New York and we stopped there on our last day of travel to Vermont to take care of business.

Here I am walking to the office.

The resort charged $15 to empty the tanks! Wow! We usually pay $5 or less so $15 is extravagant. To be fair, I called ahead of time so I knew the cost. While I was there, I filled up the freshwater tank too. I figured I better get my money's worth.😎

We are scoping out somewhere to empty the tanks when we leave Boston so I suppose the old habits are back to stay for a while. I sure hope so!

Thank you for spending a few minutes with us today.


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