Monday, September 6, 2021

Weekend Write Up 9/6/21

Can you say Wow! Yummy!!

Saturday morning began bright and early with us getting the BoggsMobile ready to ride. We had about 100 feet of water hose to disconnect and roll up and then  I was ready to crank the Detroit 60 Series and unplug the electricity. While I was doing that, KJo was getting the inside ready to ride which is no small job.

A Friday picture of the church.

Friday lunch

We planned on using the generator the whole time we were in Vermont, Maine and Massachusetts, but we got a reprieve in Brooks, Maine. Pastor Shaw had a 50 amp plug and invited us to use it. That was a blessing for sure, especially since the generator has been misbehaving.

We appreciate Pastor Shaw and his church for their hospitality. Their kindness was an incredible blessing to us.

We ran the generator for a few hours Saturday and Sunday and it worked fine. Yay!

Ready to leave Brooks.

Saturday we discovered travel plazas near Kennebunk, Maine on both sides of the  I-95 turnpike. They have a large amount of truck parking and that is rare in the northeast. I am mentioning that here for the record. I will probably need that information in the future.

We traveled 220 miles Saturday from Brooks, Maine to Peabody, Massachusetts. There is no real good way to get from Brooks to I-95. I went north on 7 to hit the interstate near Newport. It worked out great. Those 220 miles took us four hours and twenty minutes including a longish fuel stop. That is a whole lot better than over eight hours to drive 252 miles in the rain last Monday.

Within 30 minutes of arriving in Peabody, I laid down on the couch to rest. I did not sleep, but the rest seems to do me good. After resting, we drove about fifteen minutes to our favorite Italian restaurant in the Boston area. We have only tried 5-6 different places here through the years and all of them were good. For some reason, we like Polcari's in Saugus best.

I usually get the Antipasta plate. Wow! It was so good! 

You will probably see more Polcari's pictures later in the week.

By the time I laid down Saturday night I could feel weariness creeping into my bones. I slept hard and deep for a few hours and then woke up still weary. I improved some during the day, especially after my nap following Sunday morning service, and I am hoping I can shake it off with rest on Monday.

I am trying to take baby steps.😉

Sunday morning we began revival at Bethel Revival Center in Everett. We loaded some sound equipment in the Jeep and drove down early. It only took a few minutes to set things up and we were ready to go.

We love these people and we love being here to sing and preach for them.

Pastor Orville and Sis. Jennifer Plummer

Both services Sunday were good. We enjoyed them much. By God's grace, we will be singing and preaching at 7:00 Monday and Tuesday nights. Pray for us.

Thank you for stopping by for our weekend.


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