Saturday, September 4, 2021

Thankful For My Life

Hey Friends,

This is Odie coming to you from the BoggsMobile. Today we are Massachusetts bound. Revival is scheduled to begin tomorrow in Everett, Massachusetts. We are thrilled to see Pastor Orville and Sis. Jennifer Plummer! I am anticipating some wonderful services. We always have a fantastic time with our dear friends!

Here is some backstory to set up my topic for today. It was inspired by an episode on the Pod"n Me podcast. You can listen to the episode by clicking here

Pastor Devin Birdsong and his special guest, Britton Birdsong, Brooks Birdsong and Trey Brock, were discussing the subject of preachers kids or PKs. 

They mentioned a few of their funny experiences as PKs. I was laughing along with them as I listened to their discussion. They also talked about some of the blessings of being a PK.

That conversation inspired me to consider my own experience of being a PK. The PK life is the only life I have ever known. It truly has been a great life. My Dad has been a preacher longer than I have been alive. I can not imagine living life any other way.

I feel like living life as a preacher's kid gets a bad wrap. I have heard a lot of complaints in the past of those who did not enjoy being a PK. I want to say just the opposite The pros far outweigh a few cons that I might have experienced along the way. I am blessed to be a PK!

Here are some of the pros that I enjoy about my life. Many of these things I would not have experienced if my Dad was not a preacher. 

We have been incredibly blessed to know many great men and women of God through the years. We have met many wonderful people and we are adding new friends all the time. I have friends and adopted family everywhere. What a blessing!

Along those same lines, I have been blessed to meet other kids that have had a good influence on me and I have been blessed to influence kids in the generations behind me. I treasure these friendships. What a blessing!

I love that I have been able to travel to countless places. The memories that my family has collected are endless. I had been to more places by the time I was five years old than some people get to go in a lifetime. I have visited 49 states and multiple nations and had fun all along the way. What a blessing.

Recently I was reflecting on some church services and my heart was full of gratitude. It is a blessing to see God moving in people's lives and touching hearts. I have been in thousands of church services and been witness to God working in amazing ways! I have had a front row seat to seeing hundreds of lives changed by the power of the Lord and the work of His Spirit. Wow! What a blessing! I am amazed that God has allowed us to live this life!

My greatest blessing of being a PK is being able to minister with my parents. Dad is the preacher and beares the burden of his calling. He does a phenomenal job in every aspect of his ministry. I am thankful that I get to be part of his ministry team. I am proud to witness God using my Dad for the glory of God! What a blessing!

Maybe the reason I enjoy being a PK so much is that my parents have always included me in the ministry. I was not baggage they had to drag around with them while they worked for the Lord. They have consistently given me a chance to be a part of what God is doing! What a blessing!

Today I wanted to publically thank God for the blessing of being a preacher kid! It really is an honor and privilege! I appreciate this life more today than ever. It is a pleasure to work in the ministry for God!

Thank you for stopping by to visit with me today. I appreciate you reading along as I count some of my blessings in life. I hope you have a great weekend.


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