Thursday, September 9, 2021

Seeing The Maine Coast

We are blessed to see so many beautiful places as we travel to and fro on our way to visit churches all over the USA and other nations. It is no secret that we love the scenery. We love the mountains, we love the coasts, we love the deserts and we love the farmland. Each area has so many aspects to see and to love.

In our early years on the road, we were busy every week exploring every nook and cranny we could find. The malls, used bookstores, thrift stores, zoos, lakes, parks and more were a regular part of our weekly expeditions in whatever state we were currently preaching.

Over the last several years our weekly exploring has slowed down and we have settled into a comfortable routine that mostly involves spending our days together in the bus, visiting and eating a meal with the Pastor and preparing for church each night. 

There are a couple of reasons we explore less than we used to. Number one, we are 30 years older than when we first did this and we have less energy than we did then. However, the main reason for me is that as the years pass, I need more time getting ready to minister and that is our priority.

We are there to be instruments of revival and I want to make sure we get that done above all else. There are no rules saying we can not enjoy other things while we are there and the Pastors and church folks love for us to enjoy their attractions and scenery.

I guess I put the pressure on myself. I want to make sure I am doing my dead level best to have revival. I know that I have less strength and energy than I had when I was 23 or 33 or even 43 and I want to expend that strength and energy on revival. 

Does that make sense?

At this point in our COVID recovery, I have even less energy to go around, but we believe that is temporary. There is no doubt that I am gaining a bit each week. Hallelujah!

We have settled into loving the scenery while moving from place to place and then focusing on revival and our personal family time when we arrive. Sound equipment, the Jeep and especially the bus absorb most of the rest of my time.

But, we love it when we can schedule a day or two to explore and we have done that on this trip. As I have mentioned before, I was not sure how much stamina I would have on this trip so I built in driving time and downtime.

We spent some of that downtime relaxing on the beautiful Maine coast. This is our third time to visit here and we are not near tired of it yet. Wow! This place is awesome!

This is where we stayed on the north edge of Camden in 2014.

We ate at the Lobster Pound in Lincolnville with Bro. Jimmy Millikin and his family in 2014. We had great memories of the meal so we went back. The food was OK, but it was much different, perhaps due to Covid.

It used to be a sit-down place with cloth table coverings and great service. Now you order at the counter and choose a table and they bring it to you.

After resting in the afternoon, we drove back to Belfast and sat on a bench in the harbor. It was beautiful.

Wow! What a beautiful place! Some day we will return! Thank you for going along with us. See you again soon.



  1. Beautiful beautiful pictures beautiful place.


  2. Enjoy some seafood and the beautiful scenery for me, but especially the seafood!

  3. Definitely a beautiful place for sure, Thanks for the great photos & trip of course.
    BTW, today is Jordan Deane's birthday, BroEddie & SisTina's

    Frank Shiflett


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