Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Batteries Are Like Babies

They Must Be Changed!

We have owned the BoggsMobile for over thirteen years and last week I changed the chassis batteries for the third time. For those that do not know, the chassis batteries start the bus. There are four of them and they are group 31 batteries. 1995 1996 Prevost XL Vantare

The batteries are wired to produce 24 volts for starting. It was a huge job to changed these batteries the first time, because the wiring was almost overwhelming for me. I have learned to be very careful and deliberate when changing them and it is not that big of a deal now.

I first changed the chassis batteries in late December 2011, three years and nine months after we purchased the bus. I used "seconds" that were given to me by a battery distributor and they lasted two years and nine months.

I replaced them again in August 2014 in London, Kentucky with NAPA Commercial batteries and they lasted six years and eight months. I bought the exact same batteries this time from NAPA and I am counting on them lasting five to six years.

I had planned on changing them in February when we were going to be close to a good NAPA, but COVID interrupted that. It was time to get the train back on track.

They have begun to fail the last two or three weeks so it could not be put off any longer. I really did not feel up to the task, but I am gaining strength and stamina each week. I might as well jump in.

Friday I pulled up a folding chair next to the bus and went to work. it was nice to do the work inside the barn with no wind or rain. The previous two times the bus was on gravel. It was nice to be parked on concrete this time around.

In less than three hours I had removed the wires and batteries, cleaned the battery tray and set in the new batteries and wired them up. Certainly not record time, but not bad for me when I am under 100% in my health.

There are four batteries, eight battery posts and twenty three wires to keep remove and reinstall. I took lots of pictures, drew a diagram and labeled each end of every wire. Nothing blew up when I was finished, the BoggsMobile started, so the work was successful!

Here are a few pictures.

When all was finished, I turned on the 12 volt switch, the 24 volt switch and KJo went inside to turn the key. Even though I had checked, doubled checked, triple checked and rechecked all the wiring and connections, it was a relief when the Detroit 60 Series roared to life.

It is nice to have that project completed.

It is also nice to have you with us each day. Thank you.


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