Thursday, April 22, 2021

Nice To Have The Proper Jeep At Home

The Jeep is back in the capable hands of KJo. Monday evening I called the dealership to check on the repairs. I was not in a hurry for it, but it was a few days past the estimated time frame. I was hoping they were not expecting me to show up and I had misunderstood.

They were only a few minutes away from having it ready, so I headed that way. The paint repair looked good and they had given it a decent wash and spit shine. The rain and snow this week spoiled the wash, but that is no problem. It was a factory paint problem and covered under the original warranty.

So the Jeep Compass loaner car went back. It is a nice little Jeep, but a bit small for our needs all the time. It was fine for the short term.

And the Jeep Grand Cherokee came back home.

It is nice to have it back. I had not driven the Jeep much since we bought it, but I drove it about three hours Tuesday and I am going to drive it some more today. IF I am going to drive the bus long distances like we must do to travel, then I need to know if I can drive without difficulty.

Driving the Jeep is not the same as driving the car, but it is a start. I am doing my best to build up to full strength and full duty. Please keep praying for us. We desire God's help and His direction. 

Thank you for stopping in today.


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