Thursday, April 8, 2021

Grandma Evelyn Mitchell

In 2010 I wrote a short tribute to a dear lady that we love very much. We call her Grandma and although she is not blood kin to us, we could not love her any more if she was. Tomorrow, her family and church family will celebrate her home and I do not know if I have ever wished to be in a place more than I wish to be there.

Here is that short post I wrote in 2010 for Grandma Mitchell from Wichita, Kansas. Here is a video tribute that is posted on the funeral home website. It is beautiful and I wept all the way through it. 

Sis. Mitchell was a child prodigy piano player in Austria.

I took a few screenshots from the video.

The family included pictures from when she was a small child in Austria playing piano and all the way through her life. They were gracious to include pictures with our family and Grandma Mitchell under the tent at City Reach Wichita in 2015. I loved every picture.

Sis. Mitchell lived a long full life, but she would be quick to tell you that nothing was important at all until she met Christ in her 50s and began to serve Him. She was truly converted and wanted the whole world to know it. She wanted everyone to know Christ as she did.

We met her shortly after she moved to Wichita in retirement and during our first year in Wichita. She was in her later 70s then. A few years later we began preaching revivals at Bethany Revival Center and soon Sis. Mitchell became Grandma to all three of us.

She always had an interesting story or insight to share and we delighted in her conversation. She was concerned that she might be taking too much of our time before or after church, but we were never worried about that. We always had time for Grandma Mitchell.

Please pray for our friends in Wichita. Bro. Charles, Sis. Karen and their daughter, Kelly Ann, are super precious people. We love them like we loved Grandmother Mitchell and we are longing to be with them this week.

We will all join together soon and that day shall be glorious.

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