Friday, April 9, 2021

Keeping Busy With Small Projects

IF I am ever well enough for us to leave, there is a list of things that must be done in order to be able to hit the road. While I am waiting to get better, I need to be working like I am already better. Does that make sense? Whether it makes sense or not, those are the facts.

I am NOT pushing too hard. I am trying to complete one or two little projects each day. The work needs to be done and hopefully, I can build up a little strength each day. Sometimes Dad helps me, sometimes KJo helps me, sometimes they both help me and sometimes I watch.😁

We have worked on barn projects, house projects and bus projects the last week or so. Some of these tasks are so small that I should be doing several a day, but by the time we are finished with one, I am spent.

A couple of the bus projects have been months in the making. Early this year, the lock on our main entry door began to be contrary. By the time we arrived home in early February, it might lock and it might not.

It worked fine from the inside. The problem was only manifested when using the key on the outside. Armed with knowledge and advice from members of the Prevost Community Forum, I took it apart when I was feeling well several weeks ago.

I called a major locksmith in southern Ohio. I sent them all kinds of pictures and part numbers, but the news was not good. The technician told me those particular cylinders could NOT be re-keyed and that he could replace it all for $600.

Number one, I knew from the experience of other Prevost owners, that the cylinder could be removed and could be re-keyed. IF it needs a new cylinder, they can be purchased for well under $100 and then keyed.

I knew right away that the locksmith did not have a clue and I do not allow people to practice on the BoggsMobile. I do not like to pay for on-the-job training.

The whole lock job was delayed for a few weeks due to my health setback. 

This week I removed the cylinder and KJo drove me to Centerville Lock and Safe and 40-45 minutes later, the cylinder was cleaned, re-keyed and five new keys made. The keys were extra, but the lock service was $12! Yes, I gave her extra.

I could have had it keyed exactly the same, but we have two doors on the bus. They have always had two different keys. Now they use the same key. The locksmith told me the cylinder has a few years left, but not another 26 years.😍

The cylinder sticks through the outside of the door and screws into the box circled in red below. One PC member suggested I count the number of turns required to remove the cylinder (Five). I am glad he did. That made it easier to put back together.

Once you loosen several parts, you push on the square box above and unscrew the cylinder. Easy peazy.

Behind these two holes are Philip head set screws. I turned each of them 10 1/4 turns and the cylinder was free to remove.

1995 1996 Prevost XL Vantare
I put the lock back together one day earlier this week and yesterday I finished putting the door back together.

Kelly Jo mowed one day this week.

I know that I have said this before, but it worth saying again. It is amazing that the guy that hates taking care of grass the most, has grown the best looking yard on the street. Life is certainly not fair. Sometimes I feel like apologizing to my neighbors when I see them slaving in the yard.

Thank you for checking into Mile Markers today.


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