Wednesday, April 7, 2021

A Word For Wednesday Gospel Snakes

A Word for Wednesday is another old poem/song that was first brought to my attention by Bro. Ralph Cox at Bond Campmeeting in 1989. Odie and Kelly Jo and I have quoted it ever since! It has been a big part of our lives.

Gospel Snakes goes back many decades and I have found several different versions with slightly different words. I have tried to quote it as closely as I can remember Bro. Cox quoting it over 31 years ago in that hot gymnasium as the Holy Ghost moved on Bro. Cox and that great congregation of people.

I recorded this installment and three or four weeks ago before I had the setback in my lungs. I trust that I will be able to begin recording again soon.

I sure hope you enjoy A Word For Wednesday. You can find the video on our YouTube Channel the words are below. Please share the video with friends. Thank you for dropping in.


Gospel Snakes as quoted by Bro. Ralph Cox

In other places listed as The Rattlesnake Poem / The Dutchman's Prayer

Way back in the hills of Ole’ Kentuck
The toughest place that was ever struck
There lived a man named Jacob Job
The meanest on this earthly globe

He feared not God
Nor cared for man
Except his own wild
And wicked clan

He had six boys, both big and bad
Who followed right behind their dad
They drank that wildcat whiskey down
And painted red the country town

There were six girls, big buxom gals
Who danced and capered with their pals
They pranced and trotted on the hills
And sometimes tippled at the stills

One day an awful rattlesnake
Bit the oldest boy, Big Wicked Jake.
Through his veins the virus flew
"He's bound to die, what shall we do?"

So they sent a runner to the town
And hastily fetched the Parson down
A Dutchman of John Wesley's band
As good as any in the land

He prayed a wondrous, curious prayer
With words of faith both rich and rare
And if to heaven it reached or not
On earth it surely hit the spot

Oh God, we thank thee for this snake
That thou has sent to bite ole’ Jake
To fetch him down from his high hoss,
and lead him to the Savior's cross.

We know he never would repent
Until this blessed snake was sent
And now O God the Great I AM
Please send another to bite old Sam

Send chicken snakes to bite the gals
And all their dancing wicked pals
And there's mama Job she needs one too
Perhaps a copperhead will do.

Send the meanest one on the globe
To bite own Daddy Jacob Job

Hurry up these Gospel snakes
And save this ole’ Kentucky State
We ask it all for the Master’s sake


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