Friday, April 2, 2021

A Little More Portable and Transportable

May God bless you for praying for us. I am getting word each day of dear friends bombarding Heaven on our behalf. We appreciate that more that we can express.

I have not felt like getting out much this week. As I said yesterday, I have good strength, but I do not have much breath or stamina. I have been told that both will come with patience. I am waiting.

I think I have quoted this Gerald Crabb lyric recently, but it is worth quoting again. "Patience is a virtue and a weakness of mine."😍

Even though I have not been out much, I do have a way to get out now. Due to the kindness of several individuals and a few churches, we were able to purchase a lightweight portable oxygen concentrator.

I was able to walk slowly up to Odie's one day and I rode up in the car another day. I also climbed in the car with KJo and went to town. I stayed in the Jeep while she ran errands, but I was able to do that because of the new machine.

I was also able to be outside guiding KJo and Dad Tuesday while they were doing the work of the evangelist, because of the portable concentrator. I could not have done that without it. 

I hope that I do not have to use it long, but I am very, very thankful to have it. Being tied to a machine is one thing, but being tied to ONE place is another thing.

This one works differently than the regular machine in the BoggsMobile. The one in the bus is capable of producing an constant flow of oxygen, so I can talk and breathe smoothly. A battery operated machine is not capable of that for long periods yet.

To save on battery, the portable concentrator senses when I am inhaling and sends the oxygen in a short pulse as I breathe in. When I am talking, it gets confused, I get confused and my oxygen level goes down.

So it is not perfect, but it is wonderful. I suppose it is good for me to talk less and study to be quiet. It is nice to be able to get out and about!

Thank you for getting out and about to Mile Markers today. We appreciate your visit.



  1. Oh, Bro. Davy I am so sorry for all you are going through! Many folks are still praying for you. I told the Lord this morning (like He doesn't know :-) ) that many people are praying for you not only here in the United Sates but India, Africa and wherever people know you. Our prayers avail much, so we are looking, expecting and trusting for great results. God bless you my Brother!!!

  2. Still praying *AND* believing for your healing!

  3. Still praying and reading the blog and missing my friends...Uncle Larry

    1. May God bless you for carrying us on your heart to God!
      Your Family


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