Saturday, June 22, 2019

Sedgwick County Zoo 2019

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting in from the BoggsMobile. If all goes according to plan we are headed toward Oklahoma today. Please pray for us as we travel! God definitely answered our prayers and gave us great travel days from Kansas to Colorado. I appreciate my friends that let me know that they were joining me in prayer for our trip! It was windy at times, but praise the Lord that the bus ran well!

Tent revival season is in session. Our first one of the year concluded last night in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Time goes by so fast when you are having fun! We had a fabulous week with Pastor Thomas and our friends at Souls Harbor.  They have been so kind to us.

It was also great to be under the Gospel Tent again! It is amazing to worship our God surrounded by the magnificent beauty that He created. I am so thankful for everyone that heard the gospel of Christ and the saints that received help during revival!

The tent will go back up Monday evening in Amber, Oklahoma. We are looking forward to a fantastic time with Pastor Russell Cheek and the congregation of Amber Mission Holiness Church. They are wonderful people and excellent to work with during tent revival. The meeting is scheduled to begin Tuesday night June 25th and go through Sunday morning on June 30th. We look forward to seeing many of our Oklahoma friends! 

Sedgwick County Zoo 
One of my favorite summer activities is to visit at least one zoo. I have had the privilege to see several zoos in our travels. I have so many great memories from our zoo visits! Animals are fascinating and interesting creatures. I love to view them at a distance!

Mom is my zoo buddy and we look forward to visiting the Sedgwick Country Zoo on our summer stops in Wichita, Kansas when possible. We chose a great day to spend there last week. I had so much fun with Mom and we were blessed with gorgeous weather! It seems that we usually pick the hottest day for zoo trips, but we did better this time. 

Sedgwick County Zoo is not the largest zoo that we have been to, but it is easy to get in and out of. It is easily accessible to me in my power scooter. There are some hills to maneuver, which is a miracle in flat Kansas. 😀 It is really nice that all the trails are paved! I definitely recommend the zoo if you are looking for something to do in Wichita, Kansas.

Today you get to see the zoo in pictures. I hope you enjoy our fun day at the zoo. Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend. I will leave you with the zoo pictures and occasional captions.


The Chimpanzee collected all the food for himself.

Mom had me send this picture of an “Aunt” Anteater to her niece. 

This Giraffe likes Mom. It was very friendly.

Mom loves Jeeps. Also, Mom’s maiden name is Morgan and she said the license plate letters stood for Kelly Jo Morgan.

This picture was snapped right before the Gorilla came and knocked on the glass. He purposely scared the people sitting here. The gorilla actually had a sneaky grin on his face before this happened. It was really hilarious!

He likes posing for pictures.

Later the Giraffes had moved outside. I said this one was in timeout because it was facing the wall. 

Mom is fascinated by Grizzly Bears.

The Black Bear was ginormous. 

Mom was face to face with a King Cobra.

We spotted one final snake on the driveway of the zoo as we were leaving. That completed our fun day at the Sedgwick County Zoo.

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