Sunday, June 30, 2019

Our View Out The Front Window 6/30/19

I think Odie mentioned that cell phone signal may be slim to none at Elco this next week. I checked with one of the preachers there and confirmed that AT&T has not yet discovered that part of Illinois. The Elco camp would be a perfect place for a tower since it sets on a hill, but no tower yet.

We should be on the road somewhere between here and there Monday so you should see a weekend post. I will also try to have something ready to go up on Tuesday. After that, you may be on your own until next week. Do not panic, we will still be alive in the middle of nowhere, Illinois.

This was our view out the front window at Walmart in OKC Sunday night.

This our view out the front window during tent revival in Amber, Oklahoma.

Here are the links to our posts from this last week.

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