Tuesday, June 18, 2019

The Tent Going Up In Colorado Springs-Pictures

Here are the pictures you have all been waiting for, the tent going up in Colorado Springs. Yay! A bunch of work by a bunch of people much be completed to get to this point and it is very satisfying to see the Blue and White Gospel tent go up into the air each and every time!

All the prep work has been done. You may see orange spots on the ground, those are markings for the stakes and poles.

For the small setup, 20 stakes go into the ground, sometimes easier than others. 

Unless the grass is pretty lush, the tarps go down first to protect the tent from punctures.

The tent halves are carried, rolled out and laced together.

Then 20 poles and 20 straps.

Side poles go up, center pole goes up and the center pole is made right with the world by snugging up the straps on the four "corners" of the circle. Once it is straight, the other side poles are put into position and their straps are snugged.

After the tent is up and snug, we release each strap one at a time and pull the slack off the ratchet and tighten it down good. After a couple of rounds of that, the tent is tight as a banjo string!

Next, it is time for chairs, lights, pulpit area rug and hanging all the cords for the sound system.

Here is the crew! Thank you, Ladies and Gentlemen!

We had two familiar faces from outside the church show up to help set up the tent and it was great to have them. This is Isaiah Tussey from back home. He recently transferred to the Denver area with his job.

This is Joey Lamb from Sweeny, Texas. His Dad is Pastor Larry Lamb from Full Gospel Lighthouse in Sweeny, Texas, a familiar face on Mile Markers. Joey is a construction superintendent and is heading up a big project in Denver as well

Did you notice that Odie is all wrapped up? We no sooner wrapped things up and the rains came and the coolness with it. It was a long beautiful day filled with sunshine, rain, heat, cold, friends, tent and tacos. It does not get much better than that. 

Here are a few more pictures of the tent.

This is from the walk and bike path that goes by the church.

From the road.

From another part of the bike path.

Zoomed in from the same point.


Pikes Peak straight above the tent.

That is the full report. Thank you for tuning in today.



  1. You all did a good job. Team work.

    1. It sure was a great team effort, David. Thank you for reading and leaving a comment. I appreciate it.



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