Friday, June 7, 2019

Running Roads and Revival

Our week began Sunday night after church at Calvary Evangelistic Center in Independence, Iowa. We had already loaded the Green Machine into the tent trailer Sunday afternoon so all we had to do was load the sound system into the bus, crank up and hit the road.

We were pulling out a few minutes before 10:00 and heading west on 20 which is like interstate. Then we turned south on I-35. It was not long before we started looking for a rest area to park in and after about 2 hours and 15 minutes and 134 miles we were settled in near Ames, Iowa for a few hours sleep.

We had never been on I-35 in Iowa before and we wanted to see as much of it as possible during the day. It was beautiful. We followed the interstate south through Iowa into Missouri and then around the northwest side of Kansas City into Kansas.

We made a stop in Emporia, Kansas to do the work of the evangelist and to fill up with fuel and soon we were going through the prettiest part of Kansas, the flint hills.

The BoggsMobile was turning the corner and pulling into our familiar parking place at Bethany Revival Center in Wichita, Kansas. Monday we drove 8 hours and 410 miles. I dropped the trailer and then parked the bus next to it and hooked up the utilities.

After visiting with Bro. John and Sis. Judy DiZazzo a while, we carried in our sound equipment and finished our sound check about 10:00 PM.

I told you the other day that we love closing revival on Sunday so that we have two days to drive and rest. There is one catch to that. We are not supposed to add in extra things to do with that extra day like I did Tuesday.

Very early Tuesday morning I slipped out of the bus and drove the Green Machine to Bristow, Oklahoma for a day of camp meeting. I made it for the morning service and stayed over for Tuesday night and drove home Wednesday. I wanted to be supportive of Bro. Gautreaux preaching Tuesday night and I am so glad that I went.

I could have driven home Tuesday night after church and fellowship. I would have been back at the bus by 2. However, even though I did not sleep well overnight, I am so glad that I did not make the trip at night. The little Green Machine ha some problems on the way back Wednesday morning and the 2.5 hour drive took me about 4 hours. Night time trouble would have been a bear.

The first thing I noticed was the air conditioning suddenly was blowing warm. That put my mind on high on alert and my eyes on the dash. A few minutes later I watched as the temp warning light came on and I pulled to the side of the interstate.

I shut down, opened the hood and there was no antifreeze smell, steam or any indication the car was hot. I only had about 2 ounces of water with me, but a patrolman told me there were road workers ahead about five miles. After waiting a while, the high temp light was off so I eased the five miles to the workers.

They gave me 4-5 bottles of drinking water and would take nothing for their help. I only added about 20 ounces to the overflow tank and the only place I could see water was coming from the overflow spout on the overflow tank.

About 20 miles up I stopped at a truck stop, bought plenty of water and added less than 8 ounces. I stopped every 20-30 miles the next 100 miles and added a little water. The only time the high temperature light came on was about a mile after I filled it up with water.

That indicates to me that maybe the thermostat was not opening consistently when it should. Thursday I could not get the temp up too high at all. I am thinking I will have the coolant changed and the thermostat changed and see if that helps. It is about time anyway.

Hopefully, the garage that Pastor DiZazzo uses can get me in today. We shall see. The little car has given me almost zero problems from 73,000 miles to over 193,000 miles. Not too bad!

Wednesday night we began revival and Thursday morning I preached at the Sedgwick County jail. Both services were great, but I absolutely love preaching at the jail. I will be back there again one more day before we finish here in Wichita.

The revival service Thursday night was good too. We are expecting some more great services all the way to next Wednesday. There will be no service Saturday night, but we will be here plugging along every night besides Saturday. Come be with us if you can.

Thank you for reading today.


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