Monday, September 10, 2018

Weekend Woundup and Weview 9/10/2018

With only one more day in Central City, it was time on Friday to start wrapping up the projects that had been in progress this week. I had finished with the bus coolant crisis on Thursday, so all I had to do was clean a few things Friday morning to wrap that up.

Next up was driving about 90 minutes to Mt. Vernon, Indiana to pick up the Green Machine. I will tell you more about that later, but for now I will tell you that it is riding smoother than ever! It was nice to look out the bus window Friday afternoon and see the little green thing in its place next to the BoggsMobile.

We had one more great lunch with Bro. Alan and Sis. Tammy Harris on Friday and before we knew it, church time was right around the corner. Here are a few more pictures from the last two nights of revival.

You can see a bunch more pictures from Central City that I posted on Friday.

We had planned to travel Saturday and to be in a couple of churches in the Paducah, Kentucky area on Sunday. We were going to rest a while Saturday morning, but my Mom texted me early to tell me that Dad's Uncle Ed was not doing good at all.

He had been in the hospital all week in bad condition, but he nearly died over night. I had already thought about going to Lexington to see him and that made the decision for me.

I let the girls rest while I drove to Lexington and spent several hours there. By the time I arrived back at the bus about 7:30, I was in no shape to go through all the motions of getting this whole contraption on the road. 

That necessitated a change in plans and yesterday became a travel day. We began the  process about 7:00 Sunday morning. Kelly Jo has her own list but here is my partial list, crank the bus, disconnect the utilities, roll up the cords and hoses, take the bus to town, hook up the tent trailer, move to a flat place, put the Green Machine in the trailer and roll down the road.

Of course, Kelly Jo helps me with most of these things too. She gets the short end of the stick, so she makes me do the driving.

We were rolling down the road by 8:15, pretty good.

The first order of business was to find a place to empty our holding tanks. The black was full. The Love's in Calvert City, Kentucky listed a dump station in the description of the services, but we could not see it on Google Maps. 

Love's that have dump stations often have them in nearly inaccessible places for us. The Calvert City Love's did have one and it was right out in front. First we fueled up and then we emptied the tanks.

Once we were fueled up, emptied and then cleaned up, it was getting close to noon. Pastor Israel Sanders suggested meeting his family for lunch and we were glad to do so. We pulled into Walmart in Paducah and enjoyed a great lunch and wonderful fellowship!

I had originally planned to be with Bro. Sanders at his church in Salem Sunday morning before the change of plans on Saturday. We were thrilled to get to spend a little time with our dear friends in spite of the schedule disruption. 

Next up we had to cross two of my most dreaded bridges in all of America. You will find them on Hwy 60 near Cairo, Illinois. First you cross Ohio River on this one.

Then you immediately cross the Mississippi on this one.

There is not much room on either bridge and we inevitably meet a big semi that has his wheels on the double yellow line and is driving about 70 MPH. Oh, I do not like those bridges.

But we made it. In fact we made it to a little truck stop a few miles west of Poplar Bluff, Missouri. That is where our weekend came to a close and where Monday begins.

We will begin revival in West Plains, Missouri tonight by God's grace.

Please continue to pray for my great Uncle Ed.

Thank you for reading today.



  1. Davy, Your Uncle Ed, You & Yours always have our BLESSINGS !~!, Frankie.

    Frankie Shiflett

    1. Thank you, friend. It is always great to receive your encouragement.



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