Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Short Travel Day And Revival

We had planned for a couple of years to be setting the tent up Monday night and beginning tent revival tonight. The Pastor had to cancel nearly two months ago. Bro. Galiher asked if we had any cancellations and here we are. It is a thrill to be back at Junction Hill.


We had a pretty peaceful night at a little place that used to be a truck stop. It was about 10 miles west of Poplar Bluff and it was listed on Google Maps. Kelly Jo looked at it and thought we could get in and park IF there were spots. We were ready to stop so we aimed for it.

We pulled in and ALL of the spots were available!

The store was open and the car gas pumps were open, but the diesel pumps for the big trucks were over grown with weeds and closed. There was one truck in the lot and he was circling, looking at the fuel pumps and making his way out.

I started to leave too, but Kelly Jo wanted to go in and ask if we were allowed to park overnight. In she went and ask she did and that is where we spent the night. Way to go Kelly Jo! 

The lot was gravel and unlined so the lady told Kelly Jo how the trucks usually parked for the night. We backed into the spot on the end and settled in. As far as we know, there was only one other truck that spent the night.

I went to bed at a decent hour so I was up before daylight. I spent a quite morning having devotions and reading in my chair at the table. I roused KJ about 7:30 and we prepared to roll.

The next several miles of Hwy 60 are my least favorite of the drive across Missouri. It is beautiful country, but it is hilly and curvy. It is mostly four lane, but it is impossible to make time in the BoggsMobile and the trailer. The hills all seem to end in a curve at the bottom so it is slow going up the next hill. It is best to sit back, not hurry.

I think that hitting that section with a good night's rest behind me was just the ticket. I let the big diesel carry me up real slow and the Jake brake carry me down real slow. I held onto the wheel with both hands and enjoyed the gorgeous sunny morning.

We pulled into the gravel parking lot across from Junction Hill Pentecostal Church at 10:00. Everything was smooth sailing from there. By 10:30 the car was unloaded, the trailer was backed in and unhooked, the bus was in place, the electric was plugged up and the bus was shut down.

KJ spent a few minutes inside partially getting things in living order and I unloaded the wheel chairs and the sound equipment. By the time we carried the equipment inside and began to set up it was time to meet Pastor Dwain Galiher and Sis. Brenda at El Charro for a good little bite of Mexican.

We had a great meal and a great visit with our friends and somehow enjoyed the whole event without pictures. Did it really happen without pictures?

We went back to the church, finished sound check and then began to prepare for the first night of revival. I think the first service went well and we are anticipating a tremendous week. 

If you are near West Plains, Missouri come see us this week. We would love to have you. Service begins each night at 7:00 except for Friday the service begins at 7:30.

Thank you for reading today.


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