Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The Tent Goes Up In Richton, Mississippi

I mentioned that the tent set up when really great and it did. I do not think there was one hiccup in the actual set up process. Plenty of help arrived on time and up it went.

This is the the sixth time we have set up the Blue and White Gospel Tent in Richton, Mississippi in two different configurations. If any church should know how to set up this tent, Richton First Assembly should be at the top of the list. They had other tents on this same spot in previous years. That adds to their experience.

I did make a mathematical error Friday night while Bro. Scott Morris and Kelly Jo were helping me mark the stake line. We had set small stakes for the center poles, two end stakes and marked 7 or 8 other stakes before I realized my figures were wrong.

Oops! We had to spend about 15 minutes backtracking and then we were back on course. I suppose I was either tired, mentally unprepared or made a stupid mistake. I am inclined to go with door number three.

Odie captured a bunch of pictures of the men and women driving stakes and then working all the way until the tent was in the air.

The first picture of driving stakes was taken about 7:50. I think Odie told me the picture below was taken about 50 minutes later.

Here is the tent set up crew.

Before the tent Saturday morning.

After the tent was up Saturday afternoon.

During church service Monday night.

After church Monday night.

Although I do get tired of all the logistics involved with having tent revival, I never ever get tired of watching the tent go up and then experiencing the presence of the Lord under the tent. I absolutely love it all.

The first two services have been awesome! I am thankful for the people that have been able to come and participate in tent revival. I am expecting it to be even better!

Thank you for reading Mile Markers today.


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