Saturday, September 1, 2018

The Isaacs In Union Kentucky

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting from Kentucky. We have had a wonderful week in the “Bluegrass State.” Our family has strong ties to Kentucky so every time we visit, it feels a little bit like coming home. This week we were in the eastern part of the state. It sure is pretty country with great people. 

May God bless Pastor Vernon Jarvis, his wife and his church for having us this week. We have had a wonderful week.

Today I wanted to rewind two Saturdays and tell you about our day. In the morning when my alarm went off I was still on cloud nine after the wonderful open house and dedication on the previous night. Click here for details

My weekend was already fabulous! It was about to get even better. That evening we had plans to see the Isaacs, so I was excited about the day. 

While on vacation we met a lovely couple from Fort Mitchell, Kentucky. We talked to them several times and found out that they owned a Mexican restaurant. I began trying to find a way to visit Montoyas.

August 18th was a great day to try the restaurant. I enjoyed my food. I got the  Jalisco (Steak). It is definitely something I would order again. We even got to see our friend from vacation. It was fun to see her and try her restaurant.

Now it was time for the main event of the day, The Isaacs. When we arrived at the church they were still setting up equipment. We got to visit with them during the afternoon and enjoy hearing sound check. 

I was glad to see my buddy Ayden Yeary. He is growing up so fast. Ayden is a bundle of energy and a ball of fun. He provided lots of entertainment that day. 

The stage was set and waiting for show time. The evening took place at Union Baptist Church in Union, Kentucky. The place was full of people ready for a great concert.

The entire night was wonderful! No matter how many times I see the Isaacs in concert I am inspired each time. Individually their talents are incredible and together they are a dynamic package! That package leaves me just about to explode because it is so good! I hope you enjoy this Isaacs concert in pictures. 

It was great to see friends at the concert too!!

This is my buddy Samantha Kite from Virginia. She convinced her family to travel to Ohio for my house dedication. They are also are Isaacs fans. It was great to be with them at the concert too.

I love Markie Pooh!

That is a wrap on the Isaac's visit to Union Baptist in Union, Kentucky. It was a wonderful evening of music, singing and laughter! 

I am thankful for every chance we get to be with the Isaacs! Remember you can find information online about the Isaacs music and tour schedule by clicking here

To Aunt Lily and the whole gang, we love all of you! I can not wait to see you again somewhere down the road. 

Mom decided to be crazy and wear a speaker cover as a costume. She was trying to scare Dad in the picture below.

Yep, that is mom in there.

Thank you for visiting with us today. I appreciate all of you who let us know that you faithfully read our post. We love hearing from you! I hope you have a fabulous weekend. 


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