Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Vintage View Vednesday - Richton Tent Revival 2011

Our very first revival for Pastor Scott Morris and First Assembly in Richton, Mississippi was in the spring of 2008. It was also the same week that we were moving from our last fifth wheel into the bus. It was a busy week and a week that changed our lives forever for the better.

We fell in love with these folks and they returned our love back to us with interest. They have become some of our very best friends and one of our favorite places to visit.

We had preached three revivals for Bro. Scott and his folks when he asked us to preach a tent revival in their city park. They had set up a tent and had tent revival there the previous year or two and we were glad to join their effort.

That was also the year we began to do several tent revivals each year. I had been praying about it for three or four years and it seemed the time was right. 

The finances were not right and I was advised, by men I trust, against devoting so much time and resources toward tent revival. I still felt like it was the right thing to do and by the time we rolled into Richton, we had set our 30x40 white tent up six times that summer.

It was a great year and I knew I had found the will of God for our family for at least the next few years. That was a surprise to me. I expected to have a summer of tent revivals and go on to the next thing. About 1/2 way through the summer, I knew that tent revival would always hold a huge place in my heart.

Bro. Scott and his folks had access to a large tent and they had it set up when we arrived. That almost felt like cheating to me, but I sure enjoyed it!

We had a wonderful revival that year and the rest is history. That revival has been followed by six more tent revivals in Richton under the Blue and White Gospel Tent and we have loved every moment of it.

Today we are taking a stroll through the archives to our first tent revival in Richton during the first full week of October 2011. I hope you enjoy Vintage View Vednesday. Thank you for dropping in.


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