Thursday, September 27, 2018

It's Raining And The Old Man Is Not Snoring

It's Raining, It's Pouring, The Old Man Is Not Snoring.

We are having a tremendous tent revival in Richton, Mississippi this week, but we are dealing with a bunch of rain. We have never had this much rain in Richton, In fact, one man at the feed store said, "Next year when my hay is burning up, get that preacher down here and set up his tent." Yep, it has been raining that much.

Although I do not love it to rain this much during tent revival, it has not kept us from having service each night. It may have hindered the size of the crowd some, but the crowds have been very good in spite of the rain and it has not hindered God from moving one ounce.

Loading and unloading the sound equipment has been a challenge, because there are a lot of soupy areas around the tent. Parking was a little tricky last night, because we do not want to leave big ruts and mess up the grass in the park. These are only small inconveniences compared to what rain could do.

Thankfully it has not rained with heavy wind or lots of thunder and lightning during church. That would probably shut things down in a hurry, but so far that has been good.

Heavy rain keeps me under the tent quite a bit and leaves less time for other things that need to be completed. One of those "other" neglected things is the time it takes to update the Mile Markers. Even though God has miraculously helped us to be able to have service each night, unfortunately He has not written any posts for me.
Therefore, this is all you get today.🤣 🤣 

Check back tomorrow and we should have oodles of pictures from tent revival.


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